Hexa Professor Puzzle Now Available for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Hexa Professor Puzzle is now available for Android smartphone and tablets in the Google Play store. Do you have what it takes to beat the professor’s increasingly difficult puzzles?

Gameplay is self-explanatory. You are presented with several hexagonal pieces which you need to place into a predetermined empty space at the top of the screen. Simply tap a piece and move it to where you think it goes.

There is only one way to solve each puzzle. It starts out easy and gets difficult with 240 levels of hexagonal fun! Get stuck? Use a hint to show where one piece of the puzzle is supposed to be placed.

Hexa Professor Puzzle has four levels of difficulty: Beginner, Advanced, Master and Expert. Each level of difficulty includes 60 puzzles for a total of 240 levels of challenging brain exercises.

Hexa is completely free to play. You can share the game on Facebook to remove advertisements or purchase any hint pack. Download now on Google Play.

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